Modern life is very fast pace and our world is ever changing. The mind tends to be all over the place, a "monkey mind" some might say. Many times, it seems the mind is thinking and talking about everything at once but not actually focusing on anything. There's so much to be done and places to be and you seem to be going full speed ahead. Missing the opportunities to be in the moment and capture with gratitude the simple joys and beauties of everyday life. Experts estimate that upwards of 90% of disease is stress related. Mental stress and physical stress can realistically be the one most prevalent things that ages us the most in life.

Having the ability to find and maintain a happy and peaceful balance in this life is neither a passing fad or an unobtainable feat. At Sominbo Life and Health the goal of every offering, every session and every class is to provide an elevation in your soul, mind and body wellness. Utilizing holistic and timeless healing modalities and techniques; with a honest and passionate love for the gift of natural healing. Refilling your life cup with the fresh waters of a clear mind, revived body and enlivened soul.

Body Works: Massage

Mental and physical stress can realistically be the one most prevalent things that ages us the most. Our bodies are responsible for carrying us through all of our life endeavors, massage helps knead away the aches and smooth out the kinks. While therapeutically providing the one thing that has been able to soothe us since birth, a nurturing touch. Massage therapy has been proven in certain cases to relieve not only the symptoms but also the source of chronic pain. 

Massage -Aids in proper injury healing  -Reduces muscle pain and tension  -Brings greater body awareness

Helps to promote: -Decreased anxiety -Enhanced sleep quality -Greater energy -Improved concentration.

Hot Stone Massage (or a stone add-on) utilizes the healing power heat to soothe & melt away your body's aches & pains. The application of these thermo-therapeutic stones help stimulate blood flow through the muscles & joints and provides a natural sedative that can reduce anxiety & insomnia. 
Choose between: 
Traditional Black Basalt Stones
Himalayan Salt Stones which provide an additional detoxifying element to the massage & a light exfoliation of the skin

Soul Sessions: Reiki & Energy Work

What is it?? Reiki is a gentle healing technique where the practitioner acts as a conduit to tap into the energy that already flows through you and the energy that abundantly exist in the universe all around us. These energies are then harnessed to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

Reiki: Clears, opens and balances; clouded, blocked and imbalanced energy channels.

-Reducing stress  -Decreasing emotional distress and trauma  -Reversing negative touch trauma

Promoting:-Inner harmony and peace of mind  -Speedier recovery from surgeries and illness  -Leveling mood and decreasing mood swings  -Opening your heart for more connected relationships and deeper capacity for giving and receiving love

Mind Matters: Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is a way to find mind balance. Simplifying your tasks down to the everyday yet poignant act of listening. As you listen you will be lead through:

         - restorative and calming movements               - conscious breathing techniques

          - color and image visualizations           - positive and empowering affirmations

With the accompaniment of soothing music, aromatherapy, and cozy comfortability.

Meditation: -calms the mind  -bringing joy  -increasing inner peace  -creating a sense balance and clarity

Promotes body healing: -decreasing high blood pressure  -calming the adrenals  -leveling out hormones