Life can be crazy, stressful, and busy at times; with work, family, friends and other life obligations we often forget to pencil our own self-care into the mix. 

SMB Memberships are designed to help you focus on you. Making it easy to refill your health tank, elevating you back to a space of optimal wellness. While saving you money too!

SMB Membership 1

$75 per month

Includes: 1- 60 Minute Massage  or  1- 60 Minute Reiki Plus Session




SMB Membership 2

 $140 per month 

Includes: 2- 60 Minute Massage  or  2- 60 Minute Reiki Plus Session

or 1 of each!!!



Add 15 mins for only $15 (savings of $10) 

Add 30 mins for only $30 (savings of $10)

Add Hot Stones for only $15 (savings of $5) (massage only)

Add Himalayan Salt Stones for only $15 (savings of $5) (massage only)

20% off of 1 on 1 Yoga or Guided Meditation Sessions 


Are you Ready to Elevate your Wellness Regime?? Sign up today!!

Membership Policies and Procedures

We believe that all things done consistently expand in their effectiveness and results, which is why we have created the SMB Memberships to allow you to get services regularly at a discounted rate for sharing that belief and committing to your health and wellness. Below are the terms and conditions of the SMB Memberships and a hardcopy of these terms will be available for you to sign on the day of your first membership appointment.

SMB Membership cost will be auto-debited 1x per month for 12 months, from the account you provided in the online booking system, upon set up. In the event that billing account information needs to be updated, you take full responsibility for updating billing account information in the online booking system. If an auto-debit is not able to be processed, membership will be halted and ultimately cancelled after 3 incomplete withdrawal attempts. A $20 reinstatement fee will be charged and due before restart membership. A written membership cancellation notice is due 30 days before my auto-debit membership date. Notice much be submitted in the form of an email or hardcopy letter, no cancellation phone calls will be accepted. Early membership cancellation refers to anytime prior to fulfilling a 12-month timeframe, a signed cancellation form is due 30 days prior to scheduled membership auto-debit date in order to not incur a $20 cancellation fee. All appointments must be pre-booked through the online booking system, and 24hr appointment cancellation notice is required. Any No Call/ No Show appointments will result in the forfeit of 1 monthly membership credit. Same day cancellations are subject to a $30 late cancellation fee, but a membership credit will not be removed from my account. Sominbo Life and Health LLC and all members enter the membership agreement professionally and respectfully. Agreeing to keep behavior respectful and refrain from any and all inappropriate behave and communications, as this is a professional relationship. Any inappropriate behavior or communication may result in the forfeiting of a SMB Membership Contract. No refunds will be issued for any membership fee withdrawals or forfeited credit if there is a violation of the above listed terms. If a refund is to be issued due to an error by Sominbo Life & Health LLC the refund will be returned to the account that is submitted in the online set up system, no cash or check refunds will be made. Electronic transfers can take up to 5-7 business days to be processed.

For all Sominbo Life and Health LLC Standard Policies and Procedures please click here.